10 Reasons to Buy a New Home Instead of Old

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Imagine you’re already running late for work, you just spilled coffee on yourself and rush to take a shower only to have no water come out. This is a sign of a burst or damaged pipe and it is a much more likely occurrence in an older home. Buying an older or “fixer-upper” home may seem like the economical choice at first but, more often than not, hidden costs and frustrations like these become far greater than most homeowners expect. In addition to these financial expenses there is also your time, peace of mind and other irritations to contend with.

Consider these 10 benefits of a newly built home:

  1. Get the Home you Really Want

While plenty of older homes may have close to what you want in a floorplan, none will have all the specifications you could have in a new home. Want larger bathrooms? An upstairs laundry? All the bedrooms on the upper floor? All of these options and more are possible when you design your home versus one that was already built to someone else’s tastes.

2) Create your Own Style

Why hassle with trying to change existing cabinets, carpet and other furnishings when you could get all these things the way you want them right away? Not only will changing these things require additional costs but you may find you have to wait longer to move in or have to deal with construction crews in your home for far longer than anticipated.

3) Warranties you can Count On

Not only are appliances and other products far less likely to break in a new home, if they do you’ll likely still have some kind of warranty to use. And you can’t underestimate the cost of the frustration associated with faulty plumbing, appliances or electrical elements.

4) Save Money and Help the Environment

Again, while a new home could have eco-friendly upgrades installed, a new home can have them immediately which will save you time and money in the long run. This is on top of lower energy bills as well.

5) Safety Codes

Depending on the age of a home, you could be dealing with outdated safety features and even harmful products like lead paint and asbestos. A new home will have the latest safety features and safest products.

6) Breathe Easy with Better Air Quality

One of the most noticeable features you will find in a new home, is improved air quality. Improved ventilation and air filtration helps reduce allergy symptoms and breathing problems. Additionally, having new carpet and other furnishing will reduce dust in the air automatically.

7) Easier Maintenance

An older home may not necessarily fall apart but that doesn’t mean it won’t need more maintenance. Old plumbing and electrical elements are especially prone to needing repairs.

8) Avoid Costly Upgrades

While there are plenty of upgrades you can make to an older home such as improved windows with better insulation and whole home insulation, these things are often far more expensive than

if they are installed in a home that is being newly built. Plus, again, this will mean additional time you have to deal with construction crews in your home.

9) New Home, New Community Benefits

Often, new homes are built in new communities which include planned bonuses such as fitness centers, community pool and other features to make your home and life better.

10) New Home Move in Specials

Builders and sellers of new homes are often in a position to offer your more benefits and options than an older home seller. For example, you may be offered a bonus in the form of appliance upgrades or other improved home features. Some builders can even offer money to reduce closing costs and you will also find you have more financial options when financing a new home.
In addition to all these benefits you will have the unmeasurable advantage of feeling safer, more secure and even healthier in a new home specifically built for you and your family. Check out Arbor Creek’s available homes and floorplans to start building the home of your dreams today!

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