Choosing Your Paint Quality

Expensive always equals better, right? While there is truth to this statement when choosing many products, sometimes the most expensive simply isn’t necessary. When it comes to choosing your paint quality and type, you may find you can get the results, look and color you want without breaking the bank because the type of paint you use is highly dependent on your needs and preferences. To help you decide which paints to use and where, consider these levels of quality and other factors: Contractor Quality Paint Most brands, including popular ones like Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams, carry a contractor grade of paint. Unlike contractor grade tools which are intended to stand up to heavy usage, contractor grade paint is just the opposite. It’s designed to cover in one coat…
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Construction Cost

To make simple to understand that not all builder charge same markup on there homes so difficult for the customer to do comparison on your Home building project. What is markup %? Markup is the difference between the cost of a good and its Final selling price This item directly affect what your price you pay your new home There different grade of material and that affect how much your final price of your project. Builder grade (cheapest)Quality grade (middle of road cost & quality)Custom grade (best quality) Many builder charge different markup based on stock plan & production plan or design build directly to what you want. The main point is that not everybody charges same amount so it in your best interest to know what you want in your new…
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10 Reasons to Buy a New Home Instead of Old

10 Reasons to Buy a New Home Instead of Old. Imagine you're already running late for work, you just spilled coffee on yourself and rush to take a shower only to have no water come out. This is a sign of a burst or damaged pipe and it is a much more likely occurrence in an older home. Buying an older or fixer-upper home may seem like the economical choice at first but, more often than not, hidden costs and frustrations like these become far greater than most homeowners expect. In addition to these financial expenses there is also your time, peace of mind and other irritations to contend with. Consider these 10 benefits of a newly built home: 1) Get the Home you Really Want While plenty of older…
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