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Selecting the Right Grade of Carpet for You

Not all carpets are created equally and the difference between high and low grades of carpet has only gotten greater. During the middle part of the 20th century it was expected that all carpet would last several decades thanks to the use of nylon as the material for its construction. Even the lowest grade available at the time would still easily last 10 to 20 years.   However, as the call for cheaper housing has grown, so have the selections of lower grade carpeting with the use of other materials. While you can no longer just pick a favorite color and expect high quality, you can still get carpet that meets your needs when you do a bit of research. To help with carpet selection, let’s look at carpet grades…
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Home Upgrades that Up Your Resale Value

  Solid granite countertops in your kitchen and a steam shower upgrade in your bathroom are as beautiful as they are expensive, but are they worth it? Many homeowners put a lot into upgrades but find it difficult to get back what they paid for them when it comes time to sell. So, when deciding what to upgrade there are some basic rules to consider:   Functional Upgrades Should be Done Before Cosmetic Ones: Overall, when it comes to enhancements and resale value, you need to focus on functionality before aesthetic appeal. This means taking care of basics like a leaking roof, plumbing issues, or a sinking foundation before considering cosmetic upgrades. A potential homebuyer may love the luxury bathtub you put in, but they will have a hard time…
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What Size Home Do You Need?

When it comes to housing in the U.S. there are two primary trends: going huge and going tiny.  On one side of the scale we have new homes averaging a thousand feet more than they did 40 years ago, and on the other we have the micro-home movement. But how much home do you really need? There are a variety of factors that go into answering this, including personal preference, number of people in the home, budget, future and current space needs.   Calculating Your Square Footage   When getting down to determining what will work for you and your family, consider these questions: Do I plan to have (more) children? Are there elderly relatives who may need to move in? What kind of room will I need for hobbies,…
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What to Look for in a New Home

What to Look for in a New Home   What makes a perfect home changes as you and your family grow. The small, two-bedroom home that seemed so cozy after your first child, starts to feel like a sardine can after your third! Then, as the kids move out that same house may be too big and hard to care for. As you move through these stages of life, and you move from home to home, there are some things that you should look for and keep in mind. Based on your age and whether you still have a kid or two crashing at your house, these are the things you should look for:   Families with Small Children   Buying a home when you have small children will focus…
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Why Should Your New Home Should Have Natural Gas?

The question of natural gas or electric appliances is a common question when buying new homes. Fort Wayne homes can benefit from both types, but there are distinct advantages and disadvantages. The simple answer is this: electric appliances are cheaper to install but will cost more in the long run because of higher energy use. Let’s break down the other reasons you should be looking at natural gas instead of electric appliances.   Advantages of Natural Gas Appliances As we mentioned, natural gas is a cost savings for new homes in Fort Wayne due to lower energy costs. It’s important to remember this because gas appliances themselves are typically more expensive than electric ones. However, cheap usually equals inefficient when it comes to all appliances, even when comparing one gas…
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10 Reasons to Buy a New Home Instead of Old

Imagine you’re already running late for work, you just spilled coffee on yourself and rush to take a shower only to have no water come out. This is a sign of a burst or damaged pipe and it is a much more likely occurrence in an older home. Buying an older or “fixer-upper” home may seem like the economical choice at first but, more often than not, hidden costs and frustrations like these become far greater than most homeowners expect. In addition to these financial expenses there is also your time, peace of mind and other irritations to contend with. Consider these 10 benefits of a newly built home: Get the Home you Really Want While plenty of older homes may have close to what you want in a floorplan,…
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