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Expensive always equals better, right? While there is truth to this statement when choosing many products, sometimes the most expensive simply isn’t necessary. When it comes to choosing your paint quality and type, you may find you can get the results, look and color you want without breaking the bank because the type of paint you use is highly dependent on your needs and preferences.

To help you decide which paints to use and where, consider these levels of quality and other factors:

Contractor Quality Paint

Most brands, including popular ones like Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams, carry a contractor grade of paint. Unlike contractor grade tools which are intended to stand up to heavy usage, contractor grade paint is just the opposite. It’s designed to cover in one coat which is great, but that paint will be chipping and fading far faster than a higher grade of paint. Having to repaint faster almost always ensures that cheap paint will not be the most economical choice in the long run.

When to Use: As the name implies, contractor paint is usually used as a default option by contractors who want to get the job done quickly and who aren’t concerned about longevity. Similarly, this grade of paint can be acceptable in a closet or garage where you don’t need the absolute best quality or color selection. Those who plan to sell quickly or rent out property can also be served well by contractor grade.

What Separates Good, Better, and Best Quality Paint Options?

Along with contractor grade, most paint brands come in Good, Better and Best grades. So, what separates these? The level of quality is largely determined by color selection and the saturation of those colors in the paint. Cheaper grades usually have less solids in the paint which typically means its ability to cover surfaces in one coat is reduced. Higher grades of paint will also outshine cheaper versions in these categories:

  • Ability to cover dark surfaces
  • Anti-fading
  • Resistance to mold and mildew
  • Endurance
  • Easy cleaning/resistance to stains
  • Color and finish selection
  • Superior binders and pigmentation


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