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A new home being built with wood, trusses, supports and a foundation.

To make simple to understand that not all  builder charge same markup on there homes so  difficult for the customer  to do comparison  on your  Home building project

What  is markup   %  ?

Markup is the difference between the cost of a good  and its Final selling price

This  item  directly affect what your price you pay  your new home

There different  grade of material  and that affect how much  your final price of your project

  1. builder  grade (cheapest)
  2. Quality grade  ( middle of road cost & quality)
  3. Custom grade  ( best quality)

Many builder charge different  markup based on stock plan & production plan  or design build  directly to what you want .The main point is that not everybody charges same amount so it in your best interest to know what you want in your new home.  Are you using allowance  flooring, kitchen cabinets, finishes or have you pick out item so you know what your getting for your money?