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What to Look for in a New Home


What makes a perfect home changes as you and your family grow. The small, two-bedroom home that seemed so cozy after your first child, starts to feel like a sardine can after your third! Then, as the kids move out that same house may be too big and hard to care for. As you move through these stages of life, and you move from home to home, there are some things that you should look for and keep in mind. Based on your age and whether you still have a kid or two crashing at your house, these are the things you should look for:


Families with Small Children


Buying a home when you have small children will focus largely on convenience and safety. A grand staircase or in ground pool may seem like cool selling features until you consider what kind of trouble a small child could get into near them. Instead, you should look for:

  • Safe Staircase: If you’re going for a two-story home, make sure the staircase can be easily gated and has railings that won’t pose a threat of getting stuck around small hands, feet and heads. Railings also shouldn’t be so far apart that a child can fit through.
  • Upstairs Laundry Room: These are convenient for any house buyer, but are especially useful for when you are doing multiple loads to keep up with small beings who smear food, dirt and all other substances on themselves as if they were the finest skincare products.
  • Storage, Storage, Storage: Having places to stash all the toys, clothes and sundry items associated with a busy household will make cleaning up a lot easier.
  • Fenced Yard: A safe, outdoor place to play gives your kids much needed exercise. Bonus points if there is a window to easily keep an eye on your kids while they play.
  • A Master Suite to Call Your Own: Try to choose a home that has a large master suite, including a private bathroom and good storage. Making this a no-kid zone will help keep you sane while every other part of the house is taken over!



Families with Teens


The safety concerns of your first home are no longer as big of an issue when you buy a home with your teenagers. At this point, the primary goal is to be able to give everyone more space. Consider these options:

  • Bedrooms for Everyone: Sharing a room with a sibling can be kind of fun for kids when they’re 5, but as your kids enter their teen years they will need a space of their own.
  • Two or More Bathrooms: While extra bathrooms are good for when you have small children too, they are especially useful when you have teenagers who are likely to need even more privacy.
  • Finished Basement: Having a finished basement is an easy way to get more space for your older kids without having to buy a larger home. This can be used as a bedroom or a recreation area to keep noisy teens out of your personal space upstairs.
  • Good Outdoor Space: While a fenced yard isn’t exactly what you need anymore, having a backyard with a pool or room for a basketball net and other equipment can offer a recreation area that will keep your teen home, active and out of trouble.



Empty Nesters


When it’s just you or just you and your spouse, your housing needs will change again. Keeping the big home you had when the kids were little is, typically, not practical. Not only will selling a large home and buying a small one leave you with extra cash, the upkeep and utility bills will also be lower. Look for these things to keep you happy in your home for years to come:

  • Skip the Staircase: Stairs that seem fine when you first move in may prove to be more trouble than they’re worth as your joints age.
  • Upstairs Laundry: Just like when the little ones were smashing through the house, your home now should also focus on convenience features like this.
  • New is Probably Better: Unless you look forward to making repairs and renovations, you’re likely better off with a new home as you get older. Not having to deal with as many repairs will allow you to do more of the traveling and other things you have planned and it will save you money as well.



Get Exactly What You Want with a Custom Home

Worried you won’t be able to find the features you want in the location you need? The best way to ensure this is to hire a homebuilder who will work with you to build a new home that’s perfect for you and your family. Arbor Creek Home Builders of Fort Wayne, Indiana offers several floor plans that can be customized with a variety of options to give you what you want while still keeping costs low. We consult with you to learn what your needs and wants are to advise on the best home type for you. For a free cost estimate and consultation, call us at 1-866-462-6526.


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