Why Should Your New Home Should Have Natural Gas?

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The question of natural gas or electric appliances is a common question when buying new homes. Fort Wayne homes can benefit from both types, but there are distinct advantages and disadvantages. The simple answer is this: electric appliances are cheaper to install but will cost more in the long run because of higher energy use. Let’s break down the other reasons you should be looking at natural gas instead of electric appliances.


Advantages of Natural Gas Appliances

As we mentioned, natural gas is a cost savings for new homes in Fort Wayne due to lower energy costs. It’s important to remember this because gas appliances themselves are typically more expensive than electric ones. However, cheap usually equals inefficient when it comes to all appliances, even when comparing one gas appliance to another.   Once you’ve purchased that appliance though, cost isn’t the only advantage of natural gas, you’ll also benefit from:

  • Works When Electricity Doesn’t: gas appliances often work even when the electricity is out. If you’ve ever had to eat cold soup or other leftovers during a power outage, then you know how important this is.
  • Outages are Rare: Unlike electricity, natural gas systems are underground where it’s much less likely for anything to disrupt the flow.
  • Environmentally-Friendly: Not only is natural gas considered a clean-burning fuel, it is abundant and produces roughly half the amount of carbon-emissions over electricity-only homes.
  • Cost and Time Savings: Natural gas appliances use less energy because they work more efficiently. Not only is this a cost savings, it’s a time savings. Your gas dryer will dry clothes faster, hot water heater will heat twice as fast and make the water hotter.
  • Efficient Usage and Production: Nearly all (90%) of the gas that goes into the pipeline reaches consumers. Comparatively, only about 30% of energy that goes into producing electricity makes it to consumers’ homes.
  • Better for the Country: Since gas is produced domestically, it creates jobs. Nearly 3 million jobs, in fact.

What About Resale Value?

So, maybe you’re still not convinced and you have your heart set on electric. But what about the next buyer?  Natural gas is becoming more popular for all the reasons listed above. A home where the lines are already in, is going to be far more attractive than one where a new buyer has to install them.  Installing later will mean more time, cost and inconvenience as the home will need to be ripped up quite a bit.

Fluctuating Markets: Currently, it’s a sellers’ market but not too long ago that was completely reversed and consumers were getting homes at rock bottom prices. A lot can happen in only a few short years. The little bit extra you spend on gas lines now, could mean the difference between selling your home at a fair price and letting it languish on the market for months.

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